Big Copper Brass Moxa Roller Stick Moxibustion Massage Burner Improve Blood Circulation


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Hand Held, Portable, acu-point moxa heating device
Easy-to-use, effective for warming and massaging large areas or points on the hands, feet and body
The burning moxa stick warms the chrome plated brass, spring adjustable outer cover

Facial: Speed up blood circulation, strengthen regeneration of new cells, pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, ruddy complexion, anti-aging.
Moxa: Circular motion from the bottom up  ( face:10 minutes, eye: 3 minutes) 
Body: Clear the meridians, balance of yin and yang, adjustment of physiological functions,
          enhance the body's immune system and physical health.
Abdomen: Oil massage and then moxa 15 minutes

How to use:
Insert moxa stick into the inner sleeve with holding clamps, ignite, and place sleeve into the outer protective cover.
Adjust the burning moxa stick in the holding clamps as necessary during treatment.

 Package Included:
1 x Big Pure Brass Moxa Roll Burner Stick
1 x Anti-hot insulation cloth
1 x Dismantlement tool